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Book Review: World After by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee

Ever since I finished Angelfall right at the end of 2012, World After had been on my "OH MY GOD I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW" list. Imagine my surprise when I found it almost a month before its official release date in a bookstore in Amsterdam. I may have jumped and squealed in the store. The bookseller may have been a little freaked out by me. (Pfft, whatever, I regret nothing.)

World After picks up right after Angelfall, and it took no time to completely suck me into the story again. This would primarily stem from my love for Penryn. She is such a kick-ass, awesome main character, and I loved reading from her perspective again. I mean, this is true strength. I just love her. And the plot is just insane. It's so dark, it's so mysterious... I love the world Susan Ee created - it's absolutely haunting.

Let it be said up front that World After is not for the faint of heart. It is DARK. It is downright CREEPY. I honestly had moments where I just shuddered and had to put the book down for a bit to get my heart rate to calm down. If you thought the ending of Angelfall was creepy, extrapolate that upward sloping line and... nope, World After is even creepier than that. Picture blood and gore everywhere, intestines being flung around, dark spooky creatures attacking, cannibalism... I didn't expect this. I would classify this as a horror-esque book, which is not typically my thing.

However, I guess since I already felt so invested in the story, I could handle it. I handled it really well, actually. No nightmares! It's made me think that maybe I am less susceptible to scary stuff in books (as opposed to movies) because I'm not too much of a visual reader. So, yeah, Christina, I think I can probably handle Feed. But above all, I loved how this creepiness made the story so unique. You honestly have no idea where Susan is going with it, but all you know is that you're enjoying the ride and can't wait till it ends. And Susan also easily inserts humor to get you giggling in between the darkness. Serious talent, that.

I must admit that what kind of let me down a tiny bit was that Raffe didn't appear in this book nearly as much as I would have liked. He shows up almost at the very end, but when he does... oh boy. That's what reaffirmed my love for this series for 100%. The banter, the chemistry between those two characters. It is an absolutely perfect relationship. Like I can't even. I just can't. Too many feelings. Give. Me. More.

But aside from the awesome characters, haunting world, need to find out more more more, I love the way that Susan Ee establishes her secondary characters. I'm still so affected by Penryn's mom and sister - and the new sort-of-sidekick Clara definitely got to me. Each character just manages to play off your emotions and... god, I just love this book.


Summing Up:


You need to read this series. You need to. You must. It is an unforgettable and extremely unique thrill ride. I simply adore these characters to pieces and am so invested in their lives. I know this just came out but... can I have the third book? Now? Please? Seriously. This is one of my favorite series. You need to jump on this bandwagon. 


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People looking for something unique and dark, but with tons of depth and great characters.


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