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Book Review: French Kiss by Sarra Manning

French Kiss (Diary of a Crush) - Sarra Manning

Oh, French Kiss. You adorable little book, you. *pets* I'll say upfront that I didn't like French Kiss nearly as much as my all-time favorite, Adorkable. But still there is so much enjoyment in this book, and I am sure by now that Sarra Manning is one of those authors of whom I want to read all their work.

I got off to a rocky start with this book. Edie, the main character, is a weird one. At first I totally couldn't place her personality (or rather, figure out if she had one or not). That, I think, was primarily kind of a disappointment to me because of how upfront and in-your-face Jeane's personality in Adorkable was.  I couldn't place her - was she the quiet, studious girl? Was she the inwardly sarcastic, loner girl? I didn't know. Likewise, Dylan, the love interest, also didn't have as greatly outspoken a personality as Michael did. So then, these two less likable, less memorable characters had an insta-attraction / instalove thing going on.

I was all ready to just cry my eyes out and *headdesk* because I was expecting more.

But it got better.

French Kiss, the first installment of the Diary of a Crush series, is the British counterpart to the Jessica Darling series, which is rather funny as I just read Sloppy Firsts recently. This is not an official comparison, but this is what I feel it is. French Kiss is the same kind of slice of life story. It's not outspoken in its plot. It's told in a diary form, like Sloppy Firsts. It's real and perhaps not always pretty, but rather true to life.

But I think I like French Kiss a little better (though they got the same rating) because it fills in the romance part that I was expecting in Sloppy Firsts but didn't get. Sarra Manning knows how to write chemistry. Like, "oh my god, give me more, I'm just going to sit in the metro past my stop because I can't stop reading" chemistry. And that I really loved. The scenes between Edie and Dylan past the halfway point of this super short novel were just electrifying. So good. I mean, if you want good kissing scenes, you need to read Sarra Manning, because that woman has some serious skills.

So the book was rather light and fluffy, centered around this romance. There were some nice scenes in Paris (including making out at the Louvre, because oh yes). There was a brilliant friendship, though it had its rough start as well, between Edie and Shona. And the friendship between Edie and her two gay friends was also wonderful to read.

I wish we could have kept the mean girl antics to a minimum, but I guess that was kind of an inevitability in this kind of slice of life story. However, my biggest problem is still that the romance was ultimately rather instalovey, and I wish that there was just more dialogue between the characters to prove it wasn't all a physical attraction thing and so that we could get to know the characters and their personalities, which I'm sure they have. But I'm rather positive about the fact that this will get better further on in the series, as this book also got better as it went along. And luckily I have the whole series on hand to just binge read.


Summing Up:


This story was so cute and such a fun, quick read. And I mean quick, the story itself is just over 200 pages. So if you're going to embark on this series, I recommend having all of them on hand so you can just continue. Because you will likely want to continue. I mean, that romance is just electrifying and addictive. I can't wait to see where it goes next.


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