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Book Review: Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

Let me start by saying that if you are at all interested in this series, in the concept of genetic time travel with a side of lovely feels and the hottie that is Gideon, please, for the love of god, binge read the series. This series should have been one book, not three. The plot in each of the three books is just too thin for each individual book to be brilliant. But together, the story they form is definitely enjoyable.

I had quite a bit of trouble remembering what happened in Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue, to be honest, as I read those back in June or July. The story doesn't give you many recaps to clue you in. But in all honesty, I have myself to blame for this, since I was asked to do recaps for the Recaptains of this series and claimed to be too busy. *sigh* Well done, Debby. Anyway, being lost kind of got in the way of the reading experience. So again: binge read.

That being said, Emerald Green was definitely satisfying as a lot of action happened and finally we got answers to those questions that have been lingering since book 1. I still love love love the time travel concept, and I dearly love the characters in this series. Gwen and Gideon are obvious loves for me, with Gwen still being as relatable and endearing as ever, and Gideon still being a hottie. But I just also love Gwen's grandfather, Lucas, her best friend, Lesley, and her friend, James, the school's resident ghost. Oh, and let's not forget the hilarious sidekick Ximerius, who still provides the necessary lols. Honestly, the characters definitely make up for a lot of the issues I had with the slow moving plot.

The plot was resolved, so props there. I read it rapidly, desperate to get to the end. There were some surprising twists, in a way. The villain that was revealed was surprising to me. However, other elements were truly cliché and rather irksome. Particularly with the way the romance ended up. I mean. Really? Did we really have to go there? Let's not forget that this series plays out over 2 weeks. *shifty eyes*

One plot hole bothered me all throughout the book:

Howwwwww did her grandfather give her the chronograph? Which chronograph? Because Paul and whatsherface took one into the past with them, right? And then the society itself has one. SO ARE THERE THREE OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING FROM THE PREVIOUS BOOKS BECAUSE MY MEMORY IS SUCH SHIT? I don't know.

(show spoiler)

It might have been my fault for not remembering or missing something, but honestly this just kept bugging me, and it was a constant question in my mind. Not that it's that essential or something.


Summing Up:


Overall, I definitely enjoyed this series, but I'll be the first to admit it's far from flawless. There's much that could have been better - and yeah, once again, this should have been one book and not a series. But I still love these characters so so much, and I will probably reread it some day for more doses of Gideon. Or I'll just go back to that movie. Again. Yeah. I regret nothing.


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