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Book Review: Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer

Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer

By the title alone, I knew that Smart Girls Get What They Want, hereafter referred to as Smart Girls, because I can't be bothered, would be a great book for me. I was the uber nerdy girl in high school, and I'm proud of that, to an extent. But I do wish that us smart girls would get some more credit. Studying isn't all we do.

Right away, what I love about Smart Girls, is the main character, Gigi. Obviously, I could relate to her in a big way. But I really loved her narrations and the sarcastic humor and snark that shines through. Honestly, within the first chapter I was giggling aloud. This is a laugh out loud funny book, make no mistake. But I just loved her, and she grew on me more and more as I continued reading the story.

What I also loved immensely was her friendship with Bea and Neerja. Are you tired of the bitchy best friend in YA? Read this book. Seriously. This trio is absolutely amazing. They truly love each other and make sacrifices for each other. Honestly. Gigi gives up a date because then one of her friends would be alone. When one of them gets hurt, the other two come running. They constantly have each other's backs.


The plot, I feel, is pretty much the perfect mix of coming-of-age and romance. Gigi struggles with finding a balance between being the smart girl, top of her class, and actually being remembered by her classmates. She pushes herself to get out there more and find ways to make her voice heard. I, of course, could relate to that a lot. It's really refreshing to see a smart character who struggles with introversion put herself out there. It's inspiring.

And the romance.... it is slow-burning but absolute perfection. Words can't describe how much I love Mike and the idea of the misconceptions and prejudice that first impede their relationship. But there's so much more to him than meets the eye. You just grow to love him more and more as the book goes on and that last chapter.... I was squealing and giggling and flailing.... loud noises were being emitted, so I'm glad I was home alone. Fluffy goodness, honestly. I just loved it. And a special shout out to the last line of the book. Instead of getting all sappy, it's totally unrelated to the romance and instead ends on a snarky note. Guys, I loved that so much, I can't even right now.


Summing Up:


This was such an enjoyable, cute read, so thank you forever to Christina for sending it to me. I absolutely adored it. It's the perfect light and fluffy read to get you out of a reading slump. Expect to laugh and squeal out loud, and just revel in the adorableness and the snark. Is it the most memorable book? Ultimately, probably no. But its mission was fluff and giggles, and it definitely succeeded.


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Recommended To:

People who want some cheering up and healthy female friendships.


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