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Graphic Novel Review: The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel - Rick Riordan, Robert Venditti, José Villarrubia, Attila Futaki

When I saw this listed on the Book Depository, I just knew I had to buy it. It had to happen. I love the Percy Jackson series so much, so I honestly didn't care that it would be the exact same story. The illustrations would make it a whole new and wonderful experience. In a way, I was correct, but still this could have been better.

In terms of the adaptation, this graphic novel is extremely close to the original, so no worries there. If anything, it begs the question why the movie couldn't be a closer adaptation, but I think we've all established what a disappointment the movie was.

For the most part I liked the artwork, though I found it extremely odd that they still claimed that Percy was 12 years old, in 6th grade, and he honestly looks at least 18 if not older. So that's a bit of a clash there: they tried to give it a more mature comic book look, but if the characters are so young, that doesn't really work. Making them look intentionally younger, however, would maybe give it a more manga, chibi-esque look that would also exclude a lot of the potential audience. So... I understand the difficulty of the decision, but I do wonder if there wasn't some happy compromise to be found in the middle.

While I was impressed with the world building details that they still managed to include in the graphic novel, I was disappointed overall by the length and pacing of the story. I mean, this graphic novel is 128 pages. That's so freaking short. A lot of the scenes, especially battles, were shortened to one to two pages. The Lotus Hotel & Casino scene? Two or three pages. That's just sad. It was all very rushed, and I wonder why it couldn't have been expanded. Also so much of the sarcastic humor that I love about Percy was cut out. More sadness.


Summing Up:


This was a fun quick way to experience the first of the Percy Jackson series in a new format. I enjoyed it, for sure, though the artwork could maybe have been a bit better and overall it was just far too short. However, as a die hard Percy fan, I don't regret this purchase, and I'll probably pick up the next graphic novels as well. Just to have more Percy in my life. But I wouldn't recommend this as a substitute for the actual Percy Jackson books.


Recommended To:


Die hard Percy Jackson fans.

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